YouTube: Dr. Brown Speaks on Motivationally Intelligent Leadership

Keys to Motivationally Intelligent Leadership include EI, emotional stability and my primary concentration: analysis without bias, momentum without fatigue, and action without discouragement. These lead to discussions about “leading from where you live” regardless of your role, and an understanding about trust and its highly personal nature. View comments on the topic here. The presentation […]

Emotional Intelligence: Unite Your Team by Choosing the Right Leaders Dr. Michael Brown Sr. educates individuals on the value of emotional intelligence in leadership, while also recognizing the setbacks typically associated with it By Elizabeth Leber on Sep 11, 2017 Email UpdatesRSS According to Dr. Michael Brown, “Leadership is analysis without bias, momentum without fatigue, and action without discouragement.” While individuals view strong leadership in different ways, […]

Motivationally Intelligent Leadership

Description Emotional intelligence serves as a valuable tool and knowledge base in the workplace. By creating empathic and trusting relationships, business environments can be not only more productive, but also positive and engaging.   Motivationally Intelligent Leadership: Emerging Research and Opportunities is a valuable reference source that examines the necessary leadership traits to create positive […]