In Citizen 2.0: Chapter 8-Predictors of Social Networking and Individual Performance

DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-0318-9.ch008 Michael A. Brown Sr. Old Dominion University, USA Mohamad Alkadry Florida International University, USA Predictors of Social Networking and Individual Performance   ABSTRACT Public organizations that can successfully predict participation and understand the value propositions that drive performance can be very effective in social networking, which is a process and practice by which […]

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Social and CSR: Focus on expectation, value and return (page 95)” and “Staking out your story with four pillars of communication (page 121) Michael A. Brown Sr., PRNews’ Corporate Social Responsibility Guidebook Vol. 6, July 2013.     Social Networking and Individual Perceptions: Examining Predictors of Participation Michael Brown Sr., Mohamad Alkadry & Sara […]