Social Media 4EVR: Identifying, Achieving, & Nurturing Social Capital


By Michael A. Brown Sr., Ph.D., and Tracy Schario, APR

When people talk about social media, they refer to the different tools or platforms one uses to communicate socially. Social networking activities uses those tools or platforms, social media, to share experiences, get advice, make decisions, develop trust, and reduce risk. So social networking is about our actions and social media is about the tools we use to energize those actions.

Social Media 4EVR is a significant change to the way people experience social media and social networking. We focus on the “why” of social media participation, allowing the destination, not the path or platform, to be the focus of your activities. This approach allows people and organizations to leverage time and efforts to promote positive social and environmental change.

The real challenge is moving your frame of reference from solely which platform to use – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. – to a view of goal achievement and audience targeting.




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